Affordable coverage for all your malaria needs

Wellahealth's malaria treatment program is a subscription-based program in which you sign up either monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annually to get available malaria treatment from your closest pharmacy with no out-of-pocket cost every time you visit.

What to do when you feel ill ?

A step-by-step process

Activate a plan
To access the coverage, you'll need to buy a plan. You can buy online, or send us a message on WhatsApp. We have a plan for any preference: individual or family
Contact us when you fall sick
As a member, when you feel any symptoms of malaria, call us or send us a WhatsApp message at 08179045442 or 09059157821 and a customer service representative will send you to a pharmacy closest to your current location
Go to the pharmacy
On arrival at the pharmacy, the pharmacist will use either a RDT (Rapid Diagnostic Test) or a UMT (Urine Malaria Test) kit to check if you have malaria. The RDT test takes 15 minutes, and the UMT test takes about 25 minutes
Get your drugs for free

-After the test, if you have malaria, you will be given medicine to help treat you

-After the test, if you do not have malaria, you will be given immune boosters or vitamins to help you feel better

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Affordable malaria care for you and your family.

Wellahealth gives you access to talk to a doctor via telemedicine, check your blood pressure, and also check your heart rate at our participating pharmacies