Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wellahealth?

Wellahealth is a health technology startup, and our goal is to provide affordable and accessible, high-quality healthcare protection for all Africans.

We provide pharmaceutical care software to manage patient relationships for pharmacies, and we run a health care program in partnership with Axa mansard, one of the largest insurers in the world. We now offer three types of care-plan:

  1. The free plan which gives you access to basic health care needs such as a savings account where you can save money for future health needs, a diet plan, a loans account, and health care screenings
  2. The malaria plan which gives you access to everything under the free plan, but also adds on malaria testing, treatment, and access to doctors via chat or phone
  3. The CashPlus plan gives you access to everything in the free and malaria plan but adds in cash payment for hospitalization and accidental death

Find a break down of all 3 plans on our pricing page:

What is the difference between the CashPlus plan and the Malaria Plan?

The CashPlus plan gives you access to everything the malaria plan gives you access to, in addition to a cash payment for money spent during hospitalisation for up to N100,000, and cash payment in case of accidental death for up to N80,000.

What illnesses am I covered for under the CashPlus plan?

With the CashPlus plan, you are covered for any illness except for Coronavirus.

After I buy, when can I start using the CashPlus service?

If you purchase a monthly plan, it takes 2 weeks before you can access the service; which is why we recommend you purchase either the quarterly, biannual or annual plan so you can get access instantly.

Is the free plan really free? Do I get malaria coverage with it?

The free plan is free, and it lets you save towards future health care bills, helps you pay for health care needs while giving you access to diet plans, access to health screenings, but it does not cover you for any illnesses. When you have saved enough, you can use those savings to pay for your health care needs.

What is a Urine Malaria Test kit?

A urine malaria test (UMT) kit is similar to a rapid diagnostic test that we use at our participating pharmacies. The only difference is that this tests your urine in 25 minutes and lets you know if you have malaria or not. The UMT does not need blood to be collected and can be done in your home. If you have the malaria plan, you can contact us and we can send you a UMT kit for you to use in your home, then connect you to a pharmacy for drugs based on the result of the test.

How do I request service after signing up?

For the Free plan: Once you are signed up, you can contact us via phone or WhatsApp with your service needs and we will assist right away.

Malaria plan: Once you are signed up, we will reach out to you to verify all your details, and then we let you know the closest partner pharmacy to you where you will be tested and drugs will be given to you.

CashPlus plan: If you are admitted to a hospital for longer than 2 days, you will contact us to inform us and after you have been discharged, you will send us your receipt and we will pay you back some of the expenses you were charged for at the hospital.

Are these monthly subscriptions only?

No, there are other options. If you wish to subscribe quarterly, bi-annually, or annually, we have those options available to you as well.

How many times can I go, within my subscription month, to get treated for malaria?

With the malaria plan, you can get access to treatment only once a month.

What if I want to buy for my family?

That’s great! We have family plans as well. You can buy a plan for 5 people or less through the website at

What if I want to buy for more than 5 people?

Yes, you can. Just send us a message to us on WhatsApp, and we will help you with the transaction of more than 5 people.

I got tested and I was told I'm negative even though I feel like I have malaria.

The symptoms one feels when they have malaria are not unique to malaria. Most bacterial infections (tonsillitis, urinary tract infections, pneumonia, skin infections etc) and viral infections like (flu, chickenpox, hepatitis, meningitis etc) share similar symptoms with malaria. Hence, symptoms alone are inconclusive.

If symptoms persist, please consult your doctor.

I tested positive when I went to another lab/hospital.

Our model of testing is as according to the recommendation of the World Health Organisation.

People may test positive in other labs because:

  • They are getting a false-positive result. Certain inferior methods of testing have a high rate of false positivity.
  • Some methods of testing are subjective to the scientist testing and an inexperienced scientist can report a negative result as positive.
  • Unfortunately, some labs/hospitals do not do these tests and just give positive results so patients can be treated and pay more money.
  • Occasionally, patients may test negative at the time of an initial test and test positive a while after because the parasite count at the time of initial testing was low and an increase will bring about a positive test.

But I treated malaria and I got better even when I was told I tested negative.

In many cases of flu, which is the most common reason why people treat malaria when they don't have it, people will get better whether or not they take antimalarials, because flu is self-limiting; it will run its course and resolve even without taking any medication. Many times symptoms resolve while someone is on antimalarials and it's not really because of the malaria treatment, it will be because it was time for the flu to go.

Some health practitioners combine antimalarials and antibiotics so that if the person doesn't have malaria but have an infection, the antibiotics will take care of their symptoms. Sometimes it's neither the antimalarial or the antibiotics that made the person get better.

Finally, studies have shown that only about 10-15% who bought antimalarials in Nigeria don't have it but they believe they have it, they will take medications and may feel better afterwards.

What happens if I don’t get sick and I don’t use my plan for a month or more?

If you stay healthy and malaria-free, we have a few incentives for you.

You redeem points, free instant airtime, or get one of our cool merchandise

Just call our customer care lines at +2349059157821 and +2348179045442 or chat us up on WhatsApp

How do I cancel?

We don’t want you to cancel as malaria is a very deadly disease that kills hundreds of people every day.

However, if you do wish to cancel, just let us know at any of our contact lines, and we’ll sort it out for you.