Get affordable health coverage and instant access to doctors for you and your family

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How it Works

Getting a Wellahealth plan is easy:


Select a plan that works for you.


Enter your contact details and how many people you want covered.


Complete payment for your selected package


You will get an email and a call from our customer care specialist


You are now entitled to the services covered by your chosen plan


Using Your Plan!
Claiming your plan benefits is as easy as calling or texting a friend. Call us 2349087482264 or chat with us at 2348179045442

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions

Which locations can I purchase your health coverage from?

You can purchase our health coverage from any location in the country

What does a Compact plan cover?

  • Hospital expenses cover (NGN100,000 yearly)
  • Malaria & Typhoid Treatment
  • Cough & Cold Treatment
  • Telemedicine
  • Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose Tests with Counselling
  • BP check and Sugar level test
  • Funeral cover of NGN 80,000

Where are your pharmacies located?

Where are your pharmacies located?

How can I pay for my plan?

You can pay via our website for a discount or request the company account details from our customer service team

How can I talk to a doctor?

When you open your MTNApp, navigate to the health part and click on Wellahealth. When you do that, you will see “Telemedicine” as part of the available plans. Click on it, and you will immediately be directed to speak with a doctor

How much does it cost to speak with a doctor?

It costs NGN1,500 only

Do you have an age range?

Yes, it covers individuals between the ages of 6-65 years of age

Where are your pharmacies located?

Where are your pharmacies located?

Can I access care in a different location if I travel?

Yes, you can access care anywhere nationwide

Can I register my family?

Yes, you can register up to a family of 5

What payment plans do you have?

You can pay Monthly, Quarterly 3 months, biannually 6 months, and Annual 1 year.

What if I do not use my plan and it expires?

If you are in great health within your subscription period, you can always request multivitamins monthly to get value for your money

Is there a waiting period?

Yes, after payment, you are required to wait for a period of 4 days.

How can I get treatment when I fall sick?

Whenever you fall sick or need to use your plan, please call our CS number on 09087482264 or chat us up on this number or simply dial our USSD *347*96# and follow the prompts to receive a call from us