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What chronic disease is caused by smoking?

Expectations versus reality of diabetes

Understanding Diabetes: Expectations vs Reality

Arthristis, a chronic disease in young people

Chronic diseases in young adults in Nigeria – meaning, the most common diseases, causes, and prevention.

Nett Pharmacy

How a Nigerian patient’s life was saved by doctors and pharmacists collaboration

Chronic disease in Young people

Chronic diseases among young adults in Nigeria

Folic acid benefits for men

Folic acid benefits for men

Sickle cell anemia in Nigeria

Why is Sickle Cell Anemia Common in Nigeria

This image talks about hypertension, cause, symptoms, prevention, treatment

THE TRUTH ABOUT HYPERTENSION – meaning, causes, symptoms, treatment.

rosuvastatin and atorvastatin for cholesterol managment

Rosuvastatin vs Atorvastatin – in cholesterol management 

Roosuvastatin and Atorvastatin (6)

When to take atorvastatin, morning or night?