Healthcare for the Diaspora: Healthsend’s Solution

Leaving home for opportunities creates distance, bringing unique challenges when loved ones age and face health concerns. Sending money isn’t enough – the quality of care remains a worry.

Enter Healthsend, a platform bridging the gap between distance and quality healthcare, echoing the story of Dr. Neto, who left home, became successful, yet grappled with ensuring his family’s well-being from afar. He returned, fueled by this concern, to transform healthcare in his home country, serving as an inspiration for others facing similar struggles. Healthsend stands as a solution, ensuring distance doesn’t compromise the well-being of loved ones back home

Healthsend: A Gateway to Quality Healthcare for the Diaspora

Healthsend acts as a bridge, allowing those in the diaspora to share the gift of quality healthcare with their loved ones in their home country. Healthsend goes beyond connecting you to healthcare, providing expertise and care for chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension. We ensure your loved ones receive essential medications, access to physicians, and a lifeline for ongoing health needs.

Scheduled Visits to the elderly

The Elderly Care Visits offered by Healthsend give a solid sense of assurance. These scheduled visits ensure that your loved ones receive special attention and care, anytime, anywhere. Your loved ones, irrespective of their location, can benefit from personalized care, creating a sense of security in your absence.

Healthsend’s customizable health insurance plans, specifically designed for the Diaspora, empower you to manage healthcare costs and provide financial security. Eliminate worries about unplanned medical expenses with Bronze and Silver tiers, ensuring affordable, tailored coverage that fits your family’s unique needs. This safety net brings peace of mind, knowing your loved ones are protected.

How Healthsend works

  1. Expressing your Interest: You can indicate specific services of interest, informing Healthsend of the care plan you want for your loved ones.
  2. Health Wallet Top-Up: After sharing your contact details, a Healthsend agent will suggest the amount to put in your Health Wallet. This transaction will be done via Stripe.
  3. Service Delivery and Reporting: Once funded, the chosen services will be delivered, and detailed reports will be sent to you, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

Sign up and transform healthcare, ensuring their well-being is your peace of mind, no matter where life takes you. Invest in their health, invest in your peace. Join us, healthcare beyond borders.

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