6 ways to deal with stress

6 ways to manage stress
manage stresss

From a peaceful protest, to massacre, to looting and destruction of property, a lot has happened in the past few days that has taken its toll on your mind and body. We would like to share 6 ways on how you can deal with stress and take care of your mental health.

  • Breathe: just take time for yourself, and breathe slowly and deeply. This can help you regulate your heart rate, which can help you stay calm in the event of a panic attack and can help you ease tension and stress.
  • Exercise: apart from the health benefits that come with exercising like strengthening immunity, keeping blood sugar levels down, helping the heart pump better, exercising keeps you fit which helps you build strength and endurance. It also helps you release tensions in your muscles and your mind.
  • Drink a lot of water: Water helps you stay hydrated, fights colds, detoxifies, boosts your immune system and helps your system work properly.
  • Disconnect from all kinds of media, including social media: Disconnecting from the media will help with your mental health. With all the negativity and bad news we get from the media, take some time for yourself to clear your head from any outside noise/influence gotten from social media. If you need to talk to someone, please look for a  therapist or a trusted person in the right mind-frame to unburden your feelings to. Do not know how to go about it? We can refer you to a professional just send us a message.
  • Get plenty of sleep: make sure you sleep well as sleep gives your body time to fix itself. An adult needs 6-8hours of sleep daily please take it.
  • Get your blood pressure checked: an unchecked and unmaintained high blood pressure can cause stroke and death. So please take time out this week to check your blood pressure. We are currently offering free personalized consultation with a doctor throughout the month of October. After checking your blood pressure visit www.freebpcheck.com so that a doctor can counsel you on lifestyle modifications and prescriptions if need be.

Your mental health is a priority, take care of yourself. We want to commend you for lending your voice to fight injustice, Nigeria will come out victorious.

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