6 ways to stay healthy during the rainy season

While the rainy season can be enjoyable, cozy and comfortable, we also cannot deny that flu and other illnesses like cough, colds, allergies, malaria etc are common around this time.

To help make your rainy months illness-proof, here are some tips for you and your family on how to stay healthy for this season:


Most of the diseases and infections that  occur in the rainy season happen due to a reduction or lack of immunity. Also, as a result of the excessive moisture in the atmosphere, you will be prone to cough, cold and fever. To counter this, the first step you need to take is to load up on vitamin C, eat nutritious food, and drink lots of water to help boost your immunity. Eat vegetables and fruits high in antioxidants. Vegetables like ugwu, waterleaf and spinach would help build a stronger immune system. Dairy products like milk, cheese and yoghurt contain linoleic acid and probiotics, which also help to protect the body from infections. Foods with vitamin D such as red meat, liver, egg yolk etc, can also help enhance your body immunity against microbes this season. 


Drink lots of water because it helps cleanse your body of germs and bacteria and wades of cough, colds, etc. However, ensure you are drinking treated water as it is easier for water contamination to happen during the rainy season. Additionally, since the weather is already cool, your body will need lots of warm drinks like tea and nutrient-packed juices to help prevent dehydration and reduce sore throat or the likelihood of colds.


Street foods are another cause of infection during rainy seasons as they are directly exposed to the environment and can be prone to air and water-borne diseases. Therefore, avoiding them is one of the best ways forward to remain healthy during the rainy system.


Keeping yourself dry, fresh, and clean is the best way to avoid diseases like cold, cough, flu and fever.  Having an umbrella and other rain gear can protect you from being soaked in the rain. Wearing boots is advisable too during the rainy season to protect yourself against possible viruses and germs that can be found in flooded areas and stocked rainwater.  Always keep a portable umbrella or raincoat in your bag to keep you dry.

In the case you get beaten by rain, it is important to take a bath afterwards. This would help regularize your body temperature. 


Bacteria and water-borne diseases like diarrhoea and dengue are more active during the rainy season because of the moist environment, which is why it is important to wash your hands before you eat or touch your face. Regular hand washing is the first step to prevent the spread of the many air and water-borne germs we witness during this season. An additional tip would be to have a sanitizer in your bag to easily apply anytime.


Dengue and Malaria are common during the rainy season mostly because mosquitoes thrive during the period so don’t forget to use insect repellents. Also ensure that your surroundings are clean, free of stagnant water, bushes or anywhere mosquitoes can breed. Don’t let water accumulate in containers in and around the household. Finally, make sure you use mosquito nets to protect yourself, the malaria-causing mosquitoes bite mostly at midnight and early hours of the morning.

Finally, On top of all the tips mentioned above, you need to allocate a budget for wellness. As they say, prevention is better than cure. You can keep yourself and your family protected and ready no matter what the season it is by investing in a healthcare plan for medical emergencies.

 In case you fall sick after taking all these precautions, please use your Wellahealth Plan to get treated for cough, colds, fever, malaria, etc.

Call or Whatsapp +2349059157821 or +2348162465412 to access your plan or resubscribe or get started on a new plan. 


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