Pregnancy and malaria in pidgin

Important yarn wey you need know/sabi about Malaria for person wey get belle.

Malaria na very serious health matter for woman wey get belle because malaria and pregnancy no dey go together at all. Normal normal the body immune system dey fight against malaria but when woman get belle, the power of the immune dey weak to fight malaria, sake of the plenty changes wey the body dey undergo. E fit cause plenty wahala for mama and pikin if dem no quick diagnose am. 

Some of the wahala wey malaria fit cause for pregnant woman and im unborn pikin include:

Anemia: This na very serious issue wey dey cause blood loss. This thing dey expose pregnant woman to even more health risks.

Premature birth: Normal duration for pregnancy na 40 weeks, malaria fit cause make woman born pikin wey never reach up to 37 weeks for Belle. This na wetin dem dey called Premature Birth.

Stillbirth: Malaria fit cause make the pikin die inside the mama belle even before them born am. 

Low weight : This na when new Pikin small pass normal weight for newborns. For some children, this fit cause very serious health issue from birth. 

Miscarriage : The mama fit lose the child patapata. Miscarriage na when woman lose im pikin before the belle reach 20 weeks. 

Death of mother : Some women dey die if them carry belle come get malaria and 80% of the death wey malaria dey cause for Africa dey kill mostly pregnant women and children under 5 years of age. 

Wetin come be the solution? 

Treating malaria for woman wey get belle dey require plenty care and attention. Many agencies and organizations don dey work really hard to make sure dem comot and eradicate Malaria patapata for Africa but before then, we get role to play to reduce the risk. 

Pregnant woman or anybody wey sabi any woman wey get belle, need to sabi and use all these steps to prevent malaria, save both the life of mama and pikin.

Use treated mosquito nets always when you won sleep. 

Dey aware of exposure risks and know when you don dey exposed to mosquito bites. 

Always use insecticide (fleet) or mosquito coil to reduce mosquito population well well (abeg make sure say the fleet or coil no dey smell again before you enter house)

Go hospital immediately if you begin get any symptoms of malaria 

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Oya now, e go be.

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