Golden Years, Golden Health: Geriatric Care with Healthsend.

Growing beyond 65 years of age in Nigeria means a lot!

According to statistics by STATISTA “In 2023, life expectancy at birth in Nigeria was about 61.79 years. More specifically, this figure equaled 60 years for males and 64 years for females. Life expectancy at birth in Nigeria is among the lowest in Africa as well as in the world”

Whether due to limited resources or personal circumstances, some of our most vulnerable citizens face challenges receiving the care they deserve.

At Wellahealth, we believe every Nigerian, young and old, deserves a golden standard of health. We’re committed to bridging the gap and making quality care accessible to all.

Challenges of Aging and Healthcare Access

Nigeria’s elderly face unique healthcare challenges: limited access, poor facilities, and out-of-pocket costs. Wellahealth bridges this gap, ensuring subscribed seniors enjoy quality care and a life of well-being.

Aging comes with hurdles, and accessing stress-free healthcare is a crucial gift. While families strive to care for elders, navigating inadequate systems and fragmented care can be overwhelming. Wellahealth offers a solution: the Diaspora plan, ensuring quality care even from afar.

Granny Ada, in her 70s, struggled with managing her diabetes and hypertension despite her son sending money for medication. Recognizing the need for attentive care, I connected her son with Healthsend by Wellahealth. This platform transformed her experience:

  • Personalized healthcare: No more juggling medications without guidance. Healthsend provided expert care tailored to her needs.
  • Home visits: Nurses monitored her vitals and ensured her well-being at her doorstep.
  • Peace of mind for her son: He could send funds directly to cover her healthcare needs, knowing she was in good hands.

Granny Ada’s story highlights the importance of personalized care, going beyond just financial support. Recognizing the unique journey of aging, Wellahealth goes beyond “anyhow” solutions. We offer tailored care with dedicated professionals like physicians, nurses, and nutritionists, all ready to champion the well-being of our cherished seniors.

Let Wellahealth be your trusted partner in caring for your precious elders. Whether through Healthsend or our affordable plans, we offer personalized care, not just a healthcare plan.

It’s a promise: to make their golden years truly golden, filled with the warmth of good health.

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