Wellahealth’s Health Plan Reshapes Access to Healthcare in Nigeria

The Founder/ CEO of Wellahealth, Dr Ikpeme Neto, highlighted that the Nigerian healthcare system desperately needs change. People can hardly afford healthcare in Nigeria. According to research by Statista, a Survey shows that about 97% of Nigerians do not have health insurance, and only 3% have health insurance. This is scary!

Wellahealth believes that every Nigerian should have access to quality healthcare, irrespective of how much they earn. Wellahealth is the average man’s hope for affordable and accessible health care.

The goal is to ensure everyone regardless of their income level can access healthcare without sweat. Wellahealth has disrupted the traditional Health insurance model, providing reliable health plans at very little cost. For less than half of what you typically pay for basic HMO coverage, Wellahealth offers robust health plans carefully designed to safeguard you, your families, and your businesses.

Triumph Over Accessibility Challenges

Wellahealth breaks down barriers by making reliable healthcare accessible nationwide, not just in major cities. With coverage across all 36 Nigerian states and partnerships with over 2,200 pharmacies, they bring quality care closer to you. No more long journeys – get the help you need at your nearest pharmacy. It’s healthcare reimagined, reaching those who need it most.


Get the care you need, fast. Wellahealth redefines healthcare with a streamlined process, getting you help in under 15 minutes. Our commitment to convenience goes beyond features; it’s about prioritizing your well-being and comfort.

Clarity, not confusion. Choose the right health plan with confidence. We ensure you and your family don’t spend a penny more than needed, because good health shouldn’t come at a cost.

Overcoming Telemedicine Challenges

Telemedicine is healthcare through your phone or video call. Instead of traveling to the doctor’s office, chat with them and get real-time advice from the comfort of your home. Perfect for quick consultations, refills, or when traveling is difficult. It’s convenient, saves time, and brings healthcare closer than ever.

Wellahealth is creating a bridge to access quality care for all Nigerians. Our secure platform connects you with doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, empowering you to express your health concerns and get the support you deserve.

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