Investing in Your Team: Wellahealth’s Corporate Health Plan on Employee Well-being

It has been a rollercoaster couple of years for business owners in Nigeria. CEOs and business owners have shown resilience and doggedness to ensure their businesses stay alive.

However, in the hustle of running your business, it is easy to overlook the well-being of the backbone of your company – your employees. Many small businesses, like Mr. Ben Iyare’s publishing firm, often neglect the health of their team. This has over time affected employee turnover and staff stability in most organizations. After all, the staff are humans with potential health needs at a point in time.

According to a publication by This Day Live, A recent study by TechCabal in collaboration with WhirlSpot Media and WellaHealth has unveiled a hidden factor that can significantly impact job retention in Nigeria – Employee Health Insurance.

According to the survey, 93% of respondents value comprehensive health plans in their job contracts, but only 34% would scrutinize their availability when accepting an employment contract. 64.1% have never considered quitting over insufficient healthcare coverage. While 66% say a lack of insurance wouldn’t affect their decisions to leave or stay.

If you find the health insurance world challenging to navigate as a business owner, we recommend WELLAHEALTH to you. We are knowledgeable about small and medium organization health benefits options. We can help you navigate your options without having to pay a fortune.

Taking the steps to offer your employees health benefits is a great achievement and shows a sense of empathy.

Registering your team for Wellahealth’s Corporate Health Insurance isn’t merely a plan; it’s a pledge to nurture a healthier, happier, and more productive team.

The choice is clear – invest in your team today for a brighter and more prosperous tomorrow.

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