Order your medicine through the Wellahealth Fulfilment Service

You no longer need to go outside to get your medications. From malaria medication to antibiotics to medicines for chronic and acute illnesses, you can now get your needed drugs delivered to you within the safety of your home. 

All made possible by the Wellahealth Fulfilment Service, aka WFS. 

What is WFS?

The Wella Fulfilment Service is a fulfillment facilitator for HMOs and Telemedicine platforms, covering the crucial last mile of health management and consultations for chronic and acute conditions.

Our mission is to create an experience that is as pleasant as a salon visit, faster and closer than an ATM run, and cheaper than a dispatch rider for patients anywhere in Nigeria.

Wellahealth provides tech-enabled access to a network of over 700 community pharmacies across the country to power drug pickups and delivery with zero fuss, especially during these challenging pandemic times.

How does it work?

HMO or Telemedicine team initiates a dispense process for patient medication via a phone call, an email, or an API call to our WFS system providing patient information and prescription details. The WFS engine then sends out pick up information to HMO/Telemedicine partner containing pharmacy details which they then share with the patient.

What is the problem WFS is solving?

WFS solves quite elegantly the challenges of prescription management, drug dispensing, and pharmaceutical care. Also, it provides instant pickups or intra-city deliveries at cost-effective rates for HMO/Telemedicine partners, especially for patients in far-flung places. The patients also enjoy the extra perks of medical check-ups.

How do I order? 

A patient can only access the service through their HMO or Telemedicine provider.

How long do I have to wait to get my order? 

After the physician’s request or the due date of a chronic medication triggers a refill, the medicines are ready in 10mins at a pharmacy near you. Or will be delivered within 24hours.

Do I need a Wellahealth membership to order?

No. However, your HMO or Telemedicine provider has to be a WellaHealth partner. 

WellaHealth members who use our Telemedicine service get discounts.

With the Coronavirus still spreading across Nigeria, getting your medication delivered to you safely helps you and your family limit your exposure to the deadly virus. So, contact your HMO today to order, or you can order through your Telemedicine app. Still not sure how to order? Contact us on WhatsApp: https://wa.me/23409059157821

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