A better way to manage your Wellahealth subscription and benefits is now available.

When Wellahealth started in 2019, one of our main goals was to make healthcare easily accessible to Nigerians. One of the ways we have been able to do that is to assist our subscribers like you to take advantage of every aspect of your subscription by making sure that customer service is available to you every time you need help or have questions.

We are taking this one step further with the new “My Account” page on our website. We know you have questions about this new page, so I have tried to answer some of them below.

What is the “My Account” page?

The ‘My Account’ page is an extension of our endeavor to make health care services, external and internal to Wellahealth, easily accessible. The feature is really about putting the tools you need as a subscriber right in front of you. Tools that will help you take full advantage of your subscriptions without having to do a lot of work, such as calling and texting customer service.

The aim is to help you get the most out of the subscription. Plain and simple.

With the “My Account” feature, you now have multiple channels to be able to manage your plans and the additional perks associated with your plans.

What does this page allow me to do?

As a subscriber, you now have an easier way of making claims, and a much easier way to find where your primary pharmacy is.   You can now locate a new pharmacy of your preference. You no longer have to worry about what is or isn’t included in your subscription.

Your plan’s expiry date is right on your profile.

The page makes renewing your plan, upgrading to a new plan, signing up friends or family members, booking and tracking appointments for your free checkups, and monitoring your BMI (Body Mass Index) fast and easy.

You will now be able to log into your account with your phone number and have all these features at your fingertips.

What else do I get with the new feature?

As a subscriber, you can now get fast access to health care tips, health education, and diet plans directly through the account feature. Even though these benefits are free benefits for all subscribers, it has been challenging to get these benefits to subscribers in a sustainable and timely way because subscribers keep forgetting that they have these free perks.

So, the account page will make it easier for us to share these contents with subscribers, and it makes it even easier for you to access them whenever you need it. No need to search or call customer service, your account is automatically updated with content, and all you need to do is log into your account and access them.

The best part is that you can select what kind of content you are most interested in: sex education, diseases, infectious diseases, treatment options, beauty, health care research, etc. You can also choose your preferred method of receiving your tailored content.

It is all up to you now.

As a subscriber, how do I access this ‘My Account” page?

Just log in with your phone number, then you will get an OTP, enter your OTP and you are good to go. The page is straightforward to navigate. You now have a subscriber ID number which is an excellent way for us and your primary pharmacy to keep track of your plan, your medication, and your health care history with us.

Will further improvements be made to the page?

Absolutely. We are continually trying to make life easier for our subscribers, and this means we will be adding and refining the features on this page as much as necessary.

Some of the upcoming features include:

Downloadable health care plans

Referral engine (where users can log in, refer friends/family, and get automatic discounts and/or bonuses)

Loan applications (where users can apply to get loans towards urgent needs)

Ability to edit and update your profile information

We find that a lot of subscribers have a ton of questions for customer service in terms of when their subscriptions are due, how to renew, how to manage their subscriptions, where their primary pharmacies are, how to book free checkups etc. These are the questions that the account page will help answer quickly.

You as a subscriber can now control every aspect of your subscription, and you will be able to do that seamlessly as this page is the answer to most, if not all, of your questions.

So, what are you waiting for? Log in and begin. We hope you like it.


If you have any further questions or suggestions for improvement, kindly send us a message on WhatsApp citing “My Account Page” as the subject of your message. We hope to hear from you soon.

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