Bringing Healthcare to Everyone -Interview with Wellahealth User, Mr. Jimoh

Recently, We hit the streets of Lagos where we had a chance to speak with one of our users , Mr Jimoh Adams.  

Somewhere in the suburbs of Lagos, Mr Jimoh Adams resides with his family of three. Adam is a Nigerian who has, despite all odds, found a way to keep surviving in the current economy and make it work for him. In this story, we learn about the tenacious and persistent nature of the average Nigerian but even more, on the importance of always having emergency backup plans.  

 27-year-old Jimoh has had to wear many hats ever since graduating secondary school sometime in 2009/2010. From being a construction site worker, gathering his earnings from there a year and a half later to buy his first tricycle. The former tricycle rider turned bus driver has quite the story to tell but what is even more fascinating is how much Mr Jimoh is an optimist, always willing to give life another shot no matter how much gets thrown at him. 

Like how he picked himself up to rent a bus, shortly after being thrown out of employment overnight by a new order from the Lagos State Government. 

Preparing for emergencies.When it comes to your health?How prepared are you in the case of emergencies?

Emergencies happen unexpectedly and in the case of Mr Jimoh, soon after he purchased his new vehicle, the Lagos State government imposed a ban that affected tricycle operators, 

“…I buy new Marwa (local tricycle) 2019, after then when it’s 2020 when I buy the Marwa, the governor of Lagos State just banned us at Ikeja”

With the added responsibilities of starting a family, welcoming a child, renting a home, where he lived with his sexagenarian mother, Jimoh was without warning, thrown out of employment. His expenses were climbing up sharply and soon he found out he was out of cash, having spent everything he had saved on bills.

Faced with all of these new realities, prioritising healthcare was bound to be the last thing on Mr Jimoh’s mind.  This is why we always advise that getting healthcare cover is taken seriously to ensure one is prepared in the case of an unprecedented circumstance like the one Mr Jimoh found himself in. 

Luckily for him though, soon after, he had his first encounter with Wellahealth 

Meeting wellahealth 

Like many low income earning Nigerians, money is always an issue of utmost concern such that matters like health get sidelined. Till it’s likely a terminal illness, most families resort to using local herbs, also known as Agbo to treat themselves and family members when they fall ill.

Usually, a move made to save money, this is eventually counterproductive for various reasons. For example, these local herbs are taken to be one size fits all, to cure all kinds of illness. Also, there are no prescriptions or proper health diagnosis and patients usually get treated based on the seller’s (who in most cases has no medical background) interpretation of what their ailment might be. This ineffective method, has many low-income Nigerians spending much more money than they eventually realise on accumulating healthcare bills. However since many Nigerians can’t afford hospital bills, local herb sellers are still a go-to option. 

This is also one of the reasons Wellahealth is working hard to democratise access to quality healthcare for Nigerians at all levels. 

When we asked Mr. Jimoh about his experience with Wellahealth so far, his face beams up as he recounts how getting a Wellahealth has helped him and his family access quality healthcare. Jimoh says that before meeting Wellahealth he had to buy a pregnancy drug for 4500, one he was given for free at the pharmacy after he became a subscriber. 

 The subscription model run on Wellahealth, allows users like Jimoh a chance at quality healthcare for a month at very affordable rates. Lesser than the rate he used to get one drug before, Jimoh testified that joining the wellhealth platform has positively changed things for him. 

Wellahealth continues to help more Nigerians at the grassroots level access excellent health care delivery. Jimoh is only one of many Nigerians who lacked access to quality healthcare before finding Wellahealth.

Watch the full interview with Jimoh here on our YouTube channel. 

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You can get a Wellahealth plan set up instantly for you and your family by clicking here. 

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