Nextar Bakery providing company staff with affordable health care with Wellahealth.

Employee benefits
Nextar employee health benefits

Are you a small business wanting to offer health insurance to your employees but not sure where to start from? Well, that used to be the story at Nextar Bakery before Wellahealth.

The bakery‘s Manager, Peace Izeduwa soon realized they didn’t need a high budget to introduce health benefits to their employees after discovering Wellahealth.  In her words, “Before now, we spend more than 100,000 naira monthly on staff healthcare, but now that I use Wella Health,  I have a difference of over 70k that I save every month”

As a business owner, you want your employee’s loyalty and also to attract the best talents to work at your company but no one would stay for long especially in the face of better offers, if they lack access to certain benefits and so how do you motivate your employees to show up to work everyday with their best?  It is no secret that more employees today are looking to work for companies that give additional benefits aside from salary pay and health care benefits are one major area of interest.


If you’re reading this, chances are you run an organization and have hired a team of great employees, and now you’re ready to offer a competitive health benefits package to improve your employee retention efforts. While this is a big step, it also brings a lot of questions such as: Where do you start with employee benefits? How do you know which plan is right for your employees? Will you be able to find a plan that fits your budget? And that’s where we step in. At Wellahealth, we provide an affordable health plan that allows businesses and organizations to give basic and comprehensive health care access to their employees.


It is widely known that when you give employees health benefits they value, they’ll be more satisfied with their job, take fewer sick days, and even have a higher commitment to helping your organization achieve its goals. As a company or business looking to encourage and promote a healthier work culture, this is something to immediately embrace as it will increase productivity in your organization and help you become more profitable.

What’s more? Employee wellness doesn’t just include their physical health—by offering health benefits, you’re allowing your employees more affordable access to resources they need to avoid burnout.

Just like with Nextar bakery employee,  Lawrence Alfred,  who had this to say after benefiting from the WellaHealth employee plan “ the treatment I received from Wellahealth has been the best so far”, your employees too can give happy testimonies!

Want more healthy and productive staff at your organization? Enroll for the Wellahealth micro insurance plan for your employees today or call our customer care line 08179045442 to find one that suits your needs and budget.

See for yourself, Watch Nextar Bakery’s testimonial Video here

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