Introducing a New Wellahealth

Wellahealth 2.0

Today we’re excited to launch a new and refreshed wellahealth offering for consumers, Wellahealth 2.0. This relaunch will incorporate a number of new services and experiences.

  1. Health communities to connect with others and discuss health care challenges within our own unique Nigerian context. 
  2. The ability to speak to or text a doctor for any health challenges ranging from a simple fever to complex symptoms. 
  3. Chronicare’ – Affordable bundled care packages for chronic conditions such as diabetes sickle cell disease and more
  4. Finally, our usual affordable health plans now with more options, benefits and flexibility for you and your family.

This new iteration is informed by lessons we’ve learned since launching our affordable health plans just over 2 years ago. In that time, we’ve learned that many Nigerians suffer in ignorance over their health and don’t have places to go to discuss, learn and receive great health advice. We’ve worked closely with Wellvis in the past to solve this problem and are delighted to share that we have now acquired Wellvis and incorporated the excellent work they’ve done into our offering. As a result, we now provide online health communities, health Q&A and a telemedicine service. Starting today, all wellvis users have been migrated onto the wellahealth platform and now have access to a free Wellahealth Plan.

A further problem we see regularly has been the difficulty with finding medicines and paying for them, especially with chronic conditions like diabetes and hypertension. This informed the design of our new service where you can gain access to an affordable package for chronic conditions. We’re starting off with care bundles for diabetes, hypertension and sickle cell disease that includes the basic medications you’ll need and the option to have a regular doctor check-up and lab work to keep your disease in check. We’re excited to be working on these bundled plans with several leading pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies who are keen to see more affordable access to quality medicines.

To the users of our regular health plans that start at just N600 a month, worry not, we still have you covered. Prices will however be going up at the end of the month so avail of this low price and buy an annual plan before prices go up. If our low-cost plans aren’t enough for you, we now have higher benefit plans that cover maternity, hospital admissions and more. Visit our pricing page to explore the plans.

What has become clearer to us over the last 2 years is the power of technology and innovation in making high-quality healthcare more affordable and accessible for Africans. Indeed we believe it’s the only way we will get healthcare to the over 1 billion of us in Africa. We’re only getting started on our mission of bringing healthcare to the door of every African because we are devout in our belief that African lives and health matter.


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