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WellaHealth named among 100 Most Impactful Companies by Norrsken Foundation

WellaHealth named among 100 Most Impactful Companies by Norrsken Foundation

WellaHealth has been named among the 100 most impactful companies by the Norrsken Foundation. The leading health-tech organisation was one of the two Nigerian companies that made the list, which included foremost startups from across the globe.

“What if, we build a cutting-edge digital health platform for the largest country in Africa?” The Norrsken Foundation acknowledged that WellaHealth was “building a healthcare and pharmacy marketplace for disease care, specifically targeting malaria, enabling patients to access malaria tests, drugs, and consultations in a convenient and affordable manner”.

The Foundation stated, “The Impact100 is an annual list of the world’s most promising impact startups, compiled by Norrsken and our nomination partners. It exists to highlight the power of entrepreneurship to drive positive change and to celebrate the individuals brave enough to try and change the world for the better”

Launched by Dr. Ikpeme Neto in 2017, WellaHealth has since been committed to providing Nigerians with high-quality and affordable healthcare coverage for common health conditions such as malaria, typhoid and viral illnesses. Targeting lower-income households, WellaHealth partners with healthcare providers and insurance suppliers to reduce the cost of medical care.

Speaking on WellaHealth’s selection as one of the most impactful companies, Dr. Neto said, “We are so delighted to be selected as part of the Norrsken Foundation’s Impact 100. We are glad that Norrsken has recognized our work to provide affordable and accessible healthcare via our low-cost health plans that start at just a dollar a month and the work we do with insurers to enable them to access a large range of community locations where their patients can go in to get medications and tests”

You can access WellaHealth’s Plans here

WellaHealth is currently serving 10,000 patients monthly and is committed to increasing that and providing access to affordable healthcare for millions of Nigerians.

The Company’s Marketing and Communications Lead, Mr. Joseph Okoroafor, added that they are open to working with impact organizations to achieve these goals.

The Impact 100 is an annual list compiled by Norrsken Foundation, a non-profit, non-political foundation committed to helping entrepreneurs solve the world’s greatest challenges.

Norrsken collaborated with Acumen, The Obama Foundation, Katapult, Unreasonable, Softbank, World Fund, SEIF, BMW Foundation, amongst others. The companies selected were showcased on the NASDAQ billboard in New York City’s Times Square.

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Dr Chris Agape

Dr Chris Agape

Hi, I'm Chris Agape. I help health-tech startups leverage clinical principles for success. I help NGOs run successful programs. I’m a medical Doctor with a focus on using technology as a tool to achieve SDGs around health access and universal coverage I specialize in model and system development, growth and smooth roll out of equitable and innovative health services including technology-driven and traditional public health programs I have certifications in Health Management, development, and policy from the University of Washington and Havard University amongst others, and am a member of the young professionals in public health and an alumnus of the West African Academy of Public Health. Current interests are in health technology and health policy development across the African continent I am skilled in Public Speaking, Leadership, and Management

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