Wellahealth Micro Insurance 

5 latest health trends

Please note that sometimes our requests can come as a directive to assess and treat a patient on our insurance plan.

Kindly cooperate with our staff and treat patients within the approved budget when they visit the pharmacy.

When you are done, send the test/medication prices to the staff that contacted you, and your wallet will be credited.

You can also introduce this plan to your walk-in patients and earn a commission.

Costs 2700 for 3 months

It Covers 

  • Minor ailments like – Malaria, typhoid fever, cough, cold, pains etc.
  • Tests – Malaria test, typhoid test, blood sugar checks, blood pressure.
  • Telemedicine – Speak to a doctor on phone.
  • Hospital reimbursement – up to 100k a year.
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